Maze Zing - Amazing Mazes from Photographs
Maze Zing, Amazing Mazes from Photographs. Photo mazes that Bring Mazes to Life as pictures. If you enjoy sinking deep into labyrinths of illustrated barriers, finding your way from point A to point B, be prepared to lose yourself in Maze Zing. Creator Jeffrey David Montanye has grafted his photography experience and love for mazes together to build intriguing puzzles from photographs. Every maze is carefully put together using hundreds or even thousands of a certain item. Mazes are designed for kids eight and up but adults love them too. They can even be a great joint activity for children and their parents.

Maze Zing Sample Maze

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Photo Mazes
These are not ordinary coloring book type mazes. Maze Zing is actual full color mazes from photographs. Most mazes have multiple puzzles to solve. And don't try going backwards, it's just as difficult that way too. Visit our Maze Shop to see our selection of mazes.

Sample Mazes
Take a look at some sample mazes. Print them out or follow along on your computer monitor right here on the website.

Maze Zing, Junk Drawer Mazes is available on Amazon and other websites. The book includes 12 original mazes not yet displayed on the website. Other books by Montanye Arts are available as well.

3D Mazes
Ever try to solve a 3D Maze? If you have 3D glasses you can try it out.

Custom Mazes
Do you have a monthly publication or website? Would you like to display a maze each month to fit the theme and format of your publication?

The Mind A-Mazes

Christmas Ornaments
Looking for more brain teasing challenges? What about making your own Christmas Clothespin Ornaments from old fashion wooden clothespins. Check it out!
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Coin Mazes
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